BAS Beckett style injector

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This is a custom designed replacement for the old “Beckett 1408” foaming nozzle, which was discontinued by Beckett. 

Nearly two dozen versions were made and tested to come up with the R3 replacement for all stock Beckett injectors  

This design uses more, smaller air holes to make more tiny bubbles. It also may reduce the backpressure to the pump, depending on your pump choice.

Drop in replacement for the standard “Beckett” in any brand of skimmer.

Supercharge that old Skimmer with a new foaming head.


Note that these are designed to fit in the same size holes as the original 1408 head, without the rings on each end. If you have the rare skimmer that requires the rings to fit properly, please let me know in the notes so I can modify and ship you one that fits.


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