Soap Drags

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These plastic formers by Secret Mountain Soapery are used to texture the surface of Cold Process (CP) soap, when it is in a loaf mold. Usually used between layers to give a scalloped or textured edge in-between colors.

2.7" drags are designed to be a snug fit in any 2.7" wide mold, like the standard 42oz silicon molds on Amazon and other locations.

2.25" drags will fit the Brambleberry 12" tall silicon mold.

3.6" drags will fit the Brambleberry 10" silicon mold.

3.25" drags will fit the Brambleberry 4# wood mold (paper liner).

Please verify your size, and contact us if your exact size is not yet listed.


Sold in sets of four.


Made of food-safe PETG plastic. Standard color is Blue, custom colors available on request. Please note in the order or message us.

Available colors: Black, White, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple.