Soap Pulls

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Soap Pulls(tm) by Secret Mountain Soaps are used with 3” PVC pipe or Pringle’s cans to make patterns in Cold Process soap.  

We offer multiple sets- each set comes with six discs, sized to fit loosely inside 3” white PVC pipe. 

Blue is the default color, but I keep Purple in stock too. Please specify in the notes section if you would like any color other than blue or purple, which might delay shipping by a day or two  

Echo, Foxtrot and Golf sets are designed for strings or you can attach a shaft through the middle with a screw (not included).


  • Alpha: Triangles, 6-flower, Honeycomb, Hexagon, 8-flower, Square
  • Bravo: MoonStars, 8-Star, 11-Star, Fish, Squiggles, StarsNStripes
  • Charlie: Chevrons, 8-flower-2, Snakes, Raindrops, Concentric, Worms
  • Delta: Ying/Yang, Hearts-5, Hearts-6, Spiderweb, Starburst, Clouds
  • Echo: XsOs, Pinwheel, Web, Fan, Wheel, Double Club
  • Foxtrot: Snowflake1, Tree, 4-Star, Snowflake2, Cane, Snowman
  • Golf: Squares, GridDrops, Curves, Diamonds, Octo, 4Petals
  • All Sets: Get all the above sets, 42 dies in one kit, (29% savings!)


  • Use:  soappull10 for 10% off of 2 sets.
  • Use:  soappull20 for 20% off of 3 or more sets.

To use:

  • Tie three or four strings on to the pull, that are 6” longer than the pipe, or screw a 1/4" wood dowel to the disc. 
  • Place the pull in the bottom of the empty pipe, and drape the strings out the opening (if needed). 
  • Pour at thin trace, and alternate colors.
  • When the mold is full, gently pull the disc through the batter. Rotate or "pump" for different effects.

Each disk is made out of food-safe PETG plastic. 

Custom colors available via special order, please message me. Typical colors available are black, white, red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. 

Check back often, as I’m making new sets every few weeks. 

Have a pattern request? Send it to me and I’ll add it to the next set.

Please note that they do not fit in the 2.75” silicone mold from Bramble Berry, but I can make them smaller by request. Please mention it in the “Notes” section of your order.

 *”Soap Pulls” is a trademark of Secret Mountain Soaps.