Bulkhead Grip Tool

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This hand grip is used for tightening the nut on a bulkhead in hard to reach places. The textured and knurled surface gives you a good grip and allows you to snug up the nut with your hand, without having to get a wrench in to close spaces.

Unfortunately there is no standard nut sizes on bulkheads. Use a caliper to measure the nut, flat to flat, then add 1mm for clearance.

  • 3/4" bulkhead = 42mm
  • 1" bulkhead = 53mm
  • 1.5" bulkhead = 71mm
  • 2" bulkhead = 87mm
  • 4" bulkhead = 150mm

Other sizes available on request, please contact us.

Features a cross bar on the end which allows the customer to use a notched pipe to make an extension for deep, skinny overflow boxes. Simply notch the end of a 1" or 1.5" pipe to fit over the cross piece, and use it to apply torque to the tool when deep in an overflow box.  

Color is Black. Specific colors can be accommodated, usually within a few days. Please contact us for details.

Extra-long version available for special use cases, please inquire. 

Plastic items are printed in PETG, which is fully food and reef safe. The printing process is not perfect, and some visible defects (as shown in the pictures) may exist.