Coke Glass Gel Candle

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This 16oz(400g) green Coke glass has been converted in to a gel candle, and scented with a cola fragrance oil. Enjoy the wax "ice" and the bubbles in the "cola" as it lights up the room.

Great for an unburned display candle, or even better when burned, this scent will remind you of a fresh cola all day long. 

Made with 380g of gel wax, this candle burns at about 2.5 g/hr, and will burn for up to 150 hours.

  • Please extinguish after two hours of burning and allow to cool.
  • Never burn unattended
  • Trim wick to 1/4" before burning
  • Do not burn all the way to the bottom, as the glass may get very hot.
  • Place on a flame-proof surface to burn.
  • Keep out of sunshine, or the ice cubes may soften and melt in to the cola.

Glass can be cleaned and used after the candle is burned. Use Goo Gone to dissolve out the remaining gel wax. Use Goof Off to remove the sticker that holds the wick in, then wash thoroughly.

Please practice safe candle burning: