Filter Screens

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For retrofits or new designs, having a custom filter screen really makes your filter section work (and look) great. 

Each screen is custom made to your measurements. 

To order: 

  • Carefully measure the exact size you need, in length and width. 
  • Note if you need square or rounded corners.
  • Pick a hole size (1/8”-1/2”, 3.5mm-13mm). Standard is 1/4” (6mm). 
  • In the notes section, list your color choice and any special considerations (notches, height restrictions, etc. ).
  • Multiply the length times the width to come up with the total square inches (mm^2). 
  • Place the order for the the variant that covers your size.

BAS will draw up your design and email you a proof drawing. When you approve that drawing, the part will be designed and made, usually within a few days. 

Please email (contact button below) for any special requests, or if you have any questions