Fry Tub Inlet/Overflow kit

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This is a kit to be used with a 1" bulkhead and 1" and 2" PVC pipe to create an overflow for a fry grow-out system. (Pipes can be SCH20 or SCH40).

Consists of:

  • An Inlet screen with 1.5-4.5mm holes that draws water from the bottom of the tub.
  • A chain retaining ring to hold seahorse chains at the bottom, or a non-chain holding ring that prevents fry from getting under the inlet screen.
  • A cap that reduces drain noise.
  • A tangential inlet sprayer that helps create a swirl in the bucket.

Not included, but needed:

  • Muck Bucket, similar to the Tuff Stuff bucket
  • ~ 15.5" of 1" PVC pipe
  • ~13/5" of 2" PVC or ABS pipe 
  • Bulkhead and outlet plumbing
  • Inlet plumbing, that ends in a 1/2" PVC pipe for the inlet sprayer
  • Mesh inlet screen for smaller fry


To install:

  • Drill the bucket and install the 1" slip-thread or slip-slip bulkhead in the bottom, nut on the outside, gasket on the inside.
  • Mount the bucket and plumb the drain as needed.
  • Measure and cut the 1" PVC pipe to extend from the bulkhead (slip joint) to the desired water level. This can be trimmed later if desired. I used 15.5".
  • Fit the 1" pipe in to the bulkhead. Glue with Silicone glue if desired, but do not use PVC glue as you may need to remove it later for cleaning.
  • Add mesh screen over the top of the inlet screen if desired, for smaller holes. Use hot-glue, rubber bands or similar to hold it.
  • Slide the base inlet screen down over the 1" pipe to the bottom.
  • Slide the ring or the chain holder ring down over the inlet screen, flush with the bottom of the tub. This ring is to keep fry from getting under the screen, next to the bulkhead.
  • Measure from the top of the inlet screen area (flange) to the top of the 1" pipe, and add one inch for the 2" pipe to be taller than the 1" pipe.
  • Cut the 2" to length (I used 13.5"), and slide it down over the inlet adapter.
  • Plumb the water injector. Use a 1/2" PVC fitting and multiple Ells as shown. Use Silicon aquarium sealer to hold it in place.
  • Fill up the tub.
  • Check the expected water level- The water will enter through the screen, come up the outside tube and overflow in to the middle 1" pipe.
  • Install the cap on top of the 2" pipe.
  • Adjust the angle and GPM of the inlet water sprayer to achieve the desired flow rate and circular swirl. 

Size: Approx. 7.4" x 6.2" (190mm x 160mm)

Weight: 6.5 oz (190g)