Inlet Screens

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These custom designed inlet screens (also known as suction screens, or overflow screens) are perfect for use in standard full-height overflow boxes. Keeps the snails out of the screens, yet are easily removable for cleaning.

Designed to be a slip-fit over a 1" PVC pipe. Use silicon glue to be more permanent, or just gravity for use in overflow boxes.

Available in multiple shapes for larger or smaller water flows. Most tanks that are 50g or larger would want do the Medium inlet, for the best water flow. Small inlets are designed for nano, or low flow applications.

The standard "Medium 1 inch" screen has about 6.8 square inches (4400 mm^2) of open area, compared to about 0.5 in^2 of a 1" PVC pipe. "Small" are suitable for nanos, or other lower flow systems.

Special one-sided long version for a horizontal pump intake that is near the surface, that you don't want to suck air.


Medium 3", 5.12" x 4.12”, 22.9in^2 open area (130mm x 105mm, 14,784 mm^2)

Medium 2", 4.2" x 2.9", 9.92in^2 open area (105mm x 74mm, 6,400 mm^2)

Medium 1.5", 4.2" x 2.6",  7.44in^2 open area (105mm x 65mm,  4,800 mm^2)

Large 1" Long, half holes: 7.2" x 2.2", 8.86 in^2 open area (184mm x 55mm, 5720 mm^2)

Medium 1": 5" x 2.2", 6.8 in^2 open area (125mm x 55mm, 4400mm^2)

Small 1": 3.54"" x 1.75", 3.51 in^2 open area (90mm x 44mm, 2270mm^2)

 Custom sizes or colors are available, please email.