Moon Cake stamp

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Some people use a moon cake press to make soap products, like bath bombs or other similar items. This is a custom designed insert that fits the Boat or King Do Way mold, available on Amazon (press is NOT included)  

Please contact me before ordering so I can determine if your logo or name can be made with this process. Thin lines or complex pictures can not be turned in to an emboss. Minimum line width is 0.42mm. Typical stamp depth is 1-1.5mm, but can range from 1-3mm. Deep stamps tend to grab the material, and may make a messy stamp. Small text does not work well as material tends to get stuck in the closed letters. Big, bold letters works best  

With this order, you will need to send a good picture of your pre-approved logo. I’ll convert it to a 3D design, embed it in the insert, and print two copies for your use. Additional copies available for $10 each. 

Custom colors available, if specified at order time. Re-prints in a new color are available at $10 each. 

Typical colors available: black, white, red orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. If not specified, parts will be printed in black or blue. 

There are two stamps that I've made dies for- One has 16 lobes and one has 14 lobes. If your stamp is not the same, please contact me.

Note: Not designed for food items. Moon press mold not included. 

Product designed by Secret Mountain Soaps.