Mysis Cup

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Frozen Mysis contains a lot of waste material in the water when it thaws. This cup/sieve combination gives the user an easy, clean way to rinse the waste from the Mysis before feeding the tank.

To use-

  • Stack the cups
  • Drop in the frozen food
  • Add tank water or fresh water
  • Allow a few minutes* for the food to thaw
  • Lift out the inner sieve, leaving the waste water behind
  • Rinse in fresh water (if desired)
  • Feed

Approx. 2" tall (53mm) by 2.8" wide (72mm), with about a 1mm sieve.

Cup/Sieve is made of PETG, and can be hand washed or soaked in a light bleach solution for occasional cleaning.

* Note: Cups are not designed for holding water for hours. Empty within 30 minutes and allow to dry in-between uses.