Oval Soap Mold and Dies

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New- Oval clam-shell mold, with six new Soap Pull(tm) pattern dies!
This mold holds about 26 fl oz (770ml) of soap batter, which translates to about 1# 10oz (740g) of soap.
The column is 2.36" x 3.15" x 8" (60mm x 80mm x 204mm) with each die being slightly smaller, so it fits inside the mold.

If loaf is cut in to 1" (25mm) slices, it will yield 8 3.2oz (90g) bars.
If loaf is cut in to 1-1/8" (29mm) slices, it will yield 7 3.7oz (105g) bars.

Mold is designed to be used with soap pulls, but can be used without if you just want to make oval bars of soap.
For higher volume, consider pouring two or more columns from the same batch.
Many soap recipes can be unmolded in 12 hours, although some recipes may take longer.


Each kit includes two funnels to help with the pour. The standard funnel has a hole large enough for the dowel to stick up, and directs the poured soap to slide down the dowel (thin trace!).
The double funnel is designed to direct soap to two locations, to the bottom of the column, without running down the dowel.


  • Use freezer paper or similar as a liner. Soap (especially M&P) may leak out the cracks if it is not lined.
  • Pour at thin trace, and alternate colors, for example, try White / Green / White / Blue White (etc).
  • Pour around 1-2 TSP per color for good results. Work fast so the soap doesn't setup before you get done with the pour.
  • Remove the funnel and gently pull up the die to transfer the die's pattern to the layered soap.


  • The mold is made out of PETG which is a food safe thermoplastic. Do not force gelling in an oven, as it will start to soften at about 176F (80c) and may be damaged with the oven heat plus the soap heat.
  • Do not wash in a dishwasher. Soak in a sink, and spray clean.
  • Do not use tools like a knife or screwdriver to pry on the clamshell. The plastic is very strong in some ways, but can be easily cracked with metal tools. Always use a liner to ensure the mold can open easily.
  • Tape the bottom securely- clean thoroughly, tape across it, then wrap a piece all the way around and fold over. Place on a plate before pouring if you intend to move it before it sets. Having a bottom blowout when you lift it up is not fun!

Kit includes:

  • Oval Clamshell mold
  • Mold base
  • Six oval Soap Pull(tm) dies
  • One 5/16" hardwood dowel with stainless screw
  • One Standard funnel
  • One Double funnel
  • Binder clips

Column only set does not include anything other than the column, base and binder clips.

Die set does not include the stick, funnels or column.

Suitable for CP (Cold Process) with or without the Soap Pulls(tm), or Melt and Pour without.


  • Mold bottom must be sealed with tape or similar before each use.
  • Please line the mold, or some soap might leak out the seams (especially M&P). Lip balm can be used to help create a good seal. 

* Soap Pulls is a trademark of Secret Mountain Soapery.