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This is just a fun decoration. 

The Shakapus idea came from me seeing the Rocktopus from Lulzbot (available here) , followed by a trip to Hawaii. The Shakapus is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0 and derived from work by yeoldebrian. The hand is by Mike-vom-Mars, originally licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0, available here.

STL to print your own available here: Shakapus

The Shakapus can float until any air escapes, and will need to be weighed down to sit at the bottom of a tank.

Available in three sizes. All Shakapus are printed in PETG, with 100% fill.

  • Small: 4.3" x 1.1" (109mm in dia, 29mm high)
  • Medium: 5.8" x 1.5" (148mm in dia, 38mm high)
  • Large: 8.7" x 2.25" (222mm in dia, 57mm high)

Custom colors available, please ask. 

Note- These are printed to order, so please allow 3-5 days extra for delivery.