Shrooom Hut

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The all-new Shrooom Hut (tm):

These custom designed containers have screw-on lids and are designed to temporarily hold mushrooms, zoos, anemones, or other mobile creatures that you want to contain to give them time to attach to rocks or gravel.

Holes on all sides except the bottom allow great water flow, but keep shrooms contained. Note that really tiny ones may still escape, check the hole sizes as needed.

Can also be used as a time-out room for inverts, or to shade new arrivals to help them acclimate.

Three sizes are available:

  • Small:  2.95" x 2.36" (75mm in dia., 60mm high)
  • Medium: 3.9" x 3.15" (100mm in dia., 80 mm high)
  • Large:  4.72" x 3.15" (120mm in dia., 100 mm high)
  • Jumbo 5.9" x 5.5" (150 in dia., 140 mm high)
  • Kit- Small, Medium and Large all together.

Available in a translucent PETG plastic that lets some light in, but it is not transparent like acrylic is.

Typically the user would weigh down the container with gravel or sand, or use a magnet pair to hold it to the glass. In even moderate water flow, the container may blow around without weight or magnets to hold it.

See our custom magnet section for some neat magnets that are fully compatible too.