Sign- Raised Letters

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3D printed sign with raised letters. Multiple colors and sizes available.

Custom artwork supported with an artwork fee ($25). 

Maximum size is 9.8" x 8.3" (250mm x 210mm). Maximum of five colors, although print time (and cost) goes up dramatically after two. 

A standard size has a base color, then transitions to a top color for the raised letters and frame. Thickness is usually 1/4" (7mm). 

Text size is limited to 1/2" or larger, in order for it to be readable. Multiple fonts and lines allowed.

Signs may be mounted with double-stick tape (oval), or hung from hooks (rectangular).

All signs printed in PETG, which is non-toxic and safe for indoor or outdoor use.

Standard solid colors available: Black, White, Silver, Gold, Red, Blue, Purple, Galaxy black (some speckles), Yellow Gold (sparkles).

Standard semi-transparent colors available: Clear, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple. 

Other colors available via special order, please contact us. 

All signs made on demand, which may take up to a week depending on volume.