Soap Dish- 3" Soccer

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Keeping your soap dry in-between uses will make it last longer, and make less of a mess. These soap dishes are designed to let the water drip off and drain from the soap, allowing it to stay nice and firm.

Each dish is made of food-safe PETG and is non-staining, and non-marking.

Designed for 3" PVC pipe soap molds, or similar sized soaps.

Available in Black Galaxy, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple and Gold.

Size: 4" x 3.3" (100mm x 84mm)

Soap dishes are designed to hold and dry the soap, but due to the physics of 3d printed items, they may not hold water indefinitely. In use, any water that does not evaporate may seep through the seams. Please treat them as draining soap dishes, not as water-tight bowls.


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