Soaping funnel set

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Create amazing soaps in 3” PVC tubes, with this funnel set. Used to help make more accurate center pours, and easy dual pours.

Slips on the end of standard SCH-40 white PVC pipe, and helps to guide the soap down the center stick of a Soap Pull, or down both sides for a dual Soap Pull.

Sold in a set of two. Standard color is purple, custom colors available at no extra charge(1-2 days extra before shipping, please add a “note” with your color choice).

 Note: If soap gets too thick, it may not want to go down the hole(s). Tap on the table, or remove the funnel if it gets too thick. Best used with thin to medium trace (pourable). If you have to scoop it out, it may not work  

Made out of food-safe PETG plastic- Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, black, white.