Top Down View Ring

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Seeing your corals, critters and fish from the top can be a whole new experience. The BAS View Ring is a floating ring that lets you look or photograph though the top of the tank, without the reflections from the water getting in the way.

The View Ring floats, even when fully submerged due to an internal air chamber. Made of a mild outer reef-safe plastic that will not scratch acrylic or glass, and an internal cast acrylic lens.

The lens is fully protected by the shell on all sides and the bottom, so it will not get scratched when you slide it on the counter.

Simply the best coral viewer available!

Size: 4.9" (125mm)

If your preferred color is out of stock, please contact us and we'll prioritize making that item in your color for you. Items usually available in a day or two.

Plastic items are printed in PETG, which is fully food and reef safe. The printing process is not perfect, and some visible defects (as shown in the pictures) may exist.